TV Wall Mounted Installation Service

We offer a bespoke installation service. This entails concealing all cables under the plaster and usually an additional electrical socket, behind the TV. This professional finish will enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

tv installation

Our standard wall mounted TV services, utilise a neat cable trunking system. This allows your wall mounted TV to have a finished look, without the extra expense of additional electrical sockets and plaster work. We can supply a variety of HDMI and electrical supply leads at various lengths, to complete your installation, along with good quality TV wall brackets.

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What we do

  • Install & secure on wall studs, concrete or brick wall.
  • Safely mount your flat screen TV on wall bracket.
  • Conceal all wires in decorative wire track moulding. (5ft included)
  • Connect and setup your new and existing audio and video devices to the TV (other than speakers and Home Theatre Systems.)
  • Adjust TV settings for optimal picture.
  • Remove packaging material and clean up.
  • Surround sound installations available at a additional cost.

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With over 30 years within this Industry, A&S Services, an RDI (Registered Digital Installer) are the first choice for your TV, Satellite or CCTV installation.