What is home distribution?

A home distribution system gives you the ability to distribute all types of digital signals around your home. This can be achieved via HDMI cables or CAT6 and although coaxial cables are suitable for certain aspects of TV distribution, the emphasis is towards high definition. (HD) and UHD 4K TV. We can therefore distribute HD services throughout your property.

For example if you have a sky box, DVD player, or other AV equipment, you can watch or  even control your AV equipment from different rooms within your home. This is in addition to your existing aerial, satellite, FM or dab signals. These signals can be combined and distributed all down the same cables.

In some cases, if you already have aerial sockets in each room, we can use the existing points without the need to install new cables.

If you are interested in learning more about a home distribution systems, please contact us for a personalised illustration of how you could improve AV viewing experience.

Smart TV & CAT5/6 Ethernet Cable Installations

These days’ consumers are buying more electrical products for the home. These require an internet connection.  These products can range from Smart TV’s, games consoles, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Most of these devices can use a wireless connection although the limitations with using this technology means that speeds are never going to be as fast as a wired connection, particularly when you are using a lot of computers and devices at once, and dependant on internet speeds.

Other devices, be it a smart TV, computer, set-top box or games console, may not have a wireless facility meaning you would have to connect the device to your router with an ethernet cable.  In some circumstances this may not be possible as your internet router may be in a different room to your device or you may have more than one Smart TV situated in different rooms.



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